What’s Gypmo?

Gypmo is an app builder, an special kind of app capable of building other pure native Android and iOS apps.

Using Gypmo, you can build your own iOS and Android native app, knowing nothing about programming or app development.

You won’t need a developer nor a software development company.

The best part: your app will be paid as a subscription. Starting at U$50 monthly, you can have an app under a low budget.

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Gypmo’s Benefits

You build your own app

You can build a highly sophisticated, innovative and beautiful app all by yourself.

Pure and native languages

Your app will be fully native, fast and lightly as only a pure native app can be.

No programming experience

You can design and build your app in less than 30 minutes with no coding knowledge.

You pay your app monthly

Instead of paying a huge amount of money, you can pay your app monthly.

Android and iOS apps

Touching 2 buttons, you send the command to build iOS and Android apps.

No developer needed

Your app will be built with no programmer envolved. It will be a 100% done by you.

Gypmo’s No Code Technology

To design, code, build and publish an app nowadays, you would have to learn at least 2 highly complex languages: Swift and Kotlin.

Or you would have to find, select, hire, manage and pay skilled developers or a development company to build 2 native apps.

Both paths would force you to spend a lot of time, a huge amount of money and too much energy while doing so.

You have Gypmo solving all of that for you.

Using Gypmo’s no code technology, you can build your native app all by yourself, with no previous coding experience. And with no developers envolved, your app will be ready faster than you imagine.

How Gypmo Works

Selecting Platforms

The very first step is to select the platforms for your app. Android and iOS are basically mandatory for these days.

You select both or just one and voilà, Gypmo will generate the files for your platform and your app will be fully native.

And if you don’t want to build one platform now, don’t worry about it, you can always generate and build it later.

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Selecting Screens

The second thing to do is to select a set of screens for your app.

This is easily done with pre-made examples of menus, walkthroughs, logins, feeds, lists, shopping carts and more.

And if you don’t like Gypmo’s design-ready screens and templates, we can design and build your screen mannually.

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Features, Resources

Push notifications are a basic feature that you can easily install.

Animations, multi-languages, database, APIs, emails automation, password recovering, signups, logins and much more.

To be precise, you have almost 20 features to install. You choose the available resource, Gypmo installs it on your app.

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Themes, Icons, Fonts

On Gypmo, you can personalize your app’s design selecting fonts, colors, icons and themes. Your app can be dark mode, white mode, beige mode, grey mode or have the colors you want.

Doing so, gives you the good feeling you built an app by yourself.

After everything is done, our team will review the code to make sure everything is good and you will send us the content.

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Gypmo’s Reviews

My app sells my recipes world wide and because of that, I have more money and freedom working on my own schedule. And that still amazes me.



England, Chef

Building an app for my law firm was amazing. It has eliminated hosting costs, increased my value as a lawyer and also increased my profits.



Australia, Lawyer

Every business should have an app and knowing how to code is not required. And you will understand your need of an app after your first.



USA, Accountant